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The 2nd PULIIMA NATIONAL INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES & INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY FORUM is being held from April 1 st to the 2nd in Melbourne, Victoria. The theme of the Forum is ‘Modern Ways for Ancient Words’.
The Forum will include demonstrations, presentations, and hands-on workshops about strategies for
Indigenous Language maintenance and revival. There will be practical demonstrations of basic audio
and video recordering equipment and computer programs that support language teaching and resources
production. An aim of the Forum is to introduce language workers to a range of information technology
support for language teaching, and to provide them with practical skills that will enable them to forge
ahead in their language reclamation work.

Visit for registration and other details.

FATSIL wishes Denis Karpany, FASTIL Chairperson from 2004 to 2008, all the best as she leaves the
FATSIL national committee to take up a new position in New South Wales. She first became involved
in FATSIL as the South Australian delegate in 1995, then held the positions of Secretary and Vice
Chaiperson until she became Chairperson in 2004. She has been a fine representative for South Australia
and has made a significant contribution to language development and maintenance at a national level.

The FATSIL online shop is now open at There are t-shirts, mugs, caps, bags and
fleecy jackets available. All proceeds go back to FATSIL to fund new programs and initiatives. You can
also support FATSIL by making a donation via the ‘donate’ button on the website.

Check out FATSIL on Facebook page by befriending ‘Fatsil Org’. Its a place for us to make contact
with you and respond to your feedback and suggestions. You can also find out about our online petition,
FATSIL events, language programs and other initiatives.

To subscribe to Voice of the Land please contact FATSIL Head Office on (03) 9602 4700 or email
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