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Biki Biki Dungan | Biki, Ngayku, Kids, River, Hunting, Bikinga, Kidan, Nganjanangka | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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kids from the Bloomfield River Primary School
School kids from the Bloomfield River Primary School have created a series of artworks for a book written in Kuku Yalangi, the language of the rainforest people north of the Daintree River and South of Cooktown,
in far north Queensland.
Artwork 1
Elder, Marilyn Wallace worked with the kids to write stories about collecting bush foods, fishing, going to the beach and hunting for feral pigs. The kids, aged between 7 and 10, then made pictures to illustrate part of each story.

Nyiku ngali ngayku nganjan Biki Biki dungan
Today dad and I are going pig hunting

Ngayku Kayanga burri Girly
My dogs name is Girly

Ngayku kayanga Biki Biki Wukurrin
My dog chased the pig

Ngayku nganjan-angka Biki Biki naybu-bu kunin
My dad kills the pig with a knife

Ngayku nganjan-angka Biki Biki-nga juwul kidan
My dad guts the pig

Artwork 2
Nyulu Biki Biki-nga mungka kidan
He burns the hair off the pig

Ngali Biki Biki mudaka-nga yirrjadin
We put the pig in the car

Bayanba Biki Biki wundin jawun-karrnga, ngamu, kami, ngaji, yaba
And we take it home to family and friends