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KARLUPURRA PIYALU WIRNTI WIRNTI | Mouse, Fight, Murri, Mampul, Nyayi, Pirlangka, Kestrel, Para | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture

The Story of Two Kestrels

Wirnti-Wirnti ngaja piyanya ngani marnu kujarra. Marrayanangkayanpula mantu wajarri. Mampul ngani marnupula karlurtu. Parta para purlpi kuntu-kuntuyinyu karra malyartara.
Mampul karra marnu walykaringuru. Partarla para jiparnu warlurra, partarla pungan mayinyupula makurru. Partangku piyanya wirnti-wirntilu wanyjarnu, pirlangkakapu. Mampul palu walykari karra mantangu wiyiny ngayinyu.

Murnaju palu maninyu purlpi junkuka. Karlurtulu murnaju pajiyinyu, jangka ngayinyu palu wartarrangura murri. Mampulmurri piyalu pirlangka nyangkala. Karlurtu palu jangka nyiniyan kurturtungura murri junkuka. Mampul murri piyalu pirlangka marti-martirriyanpula nganyjaka. Wirnti-wirnti para jilykari murri, mampul murri yila wungka.

Wanyjarnu ngaja piyanya pirtukarnilu pirlangka kalya. Karliny jayinyu ngaya pirtujarra, nyayi kalya piyalu pirlangka. Nyayi yingkal ngaja mirta ngani manmarnta murlurnu karlurtu. Pajajangu murri. Nyayi pirlangka nyiniyanupula warrumurntu karrapirti. Nganagyakarra kulpapula? Purlpi mapal piyalala warniyan pirlangkangura kalya.

Purlpi wirnti-wirnti manyjarl ngarriyan. Karlurtulu purli pakurta jarri. Kari ngayinyu ngaya piyanga wantalu. Nyayi piyalu wirnti-wirnti ngalajirri, ngurrara.

Nyayi martarra wirnti-wirnti ngaja wanyjarnu kankara warntaka mila ngarrikura. Nyininyu kujarra mapal warntaka. Yarti ngaya para wajayinyu, ngurra ngani marnu ngaja para. Yaarnu yila ngarrarti.

I was watching two kestrels. They were flying around hunting for meat. Truly, those two saw a mouse. Right-O, one was (moving) carefully, ready to grab it.

Well, he grabbed it by the back of the neck. That drove the mouse into action, those two fought for a long time. The other kestrel left those two, still fighting. Truly, after being grabbed by the back of the neck the mouse got loose.

Well, in response he climbed onto the kestrel’s back. The mouse in response was biting (the kestrel), he was fastened right onto it’s shoulders. Very truly those two are in the fight now. The mouse is fastened right in the middle of (the kestrel’s) back. Very truly those two in the fight are tumbling over and over on the ground. The kestrel was very determined, very truly perhaps he is hungry.

When I left those two in order to go to lunch they were in the fight still. When I returned from lunch these two were still in the fight. I have never seen a mouse like this before. It was really a cheeky one. These two were in the fight the whole morning. When will those two have a break?! Well, when the sun was about to go down on them they were still in the fight.

Well the kestrel is getting tired. Well, the mouse got the best of him. I felt sorry for those two. I went to them to separate them. These two kestrel’s belong to here, they are locals.

This wounded kestrel I left up in a tree to convalesce. He stayed two days in the tree. Later I searched for him, but I did not see him. Perhaps he went for good.