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Minhe Nyana | Aboriginal, Wersquove, Irsquod, Support, Language, Kids, Encourage, Lots | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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My message to people is not to give up. Aboriginal languages are ancient and some of the most important languages on the planet. We’ve really got to find ways that we can preserve them. We also have to find ways to make our languages relevant to people today. Maybe we can put a language down as a modern song so that even my great grand daughters can enjoy it. These are the types of things that we’ve got to put into place so that kids, even down to kindergarten level, can learn our languages and enjoy them. Kids are often the best students in the long run, and once they have them it becomes a very powerful tool.

I’d like to encourage the wider community at every opportunity to learn something about aboriginal languages. I was speaking to someone writing a history of Wangaratta the other day, and around that city they have lots and lots of aboriginal place names. Even something like this can be good for people to look at and appreciate. I’d also ask people to continue to support us as we try to teach aboriginal languages in schools. It’s a very important area for us and there’s no better place to revive your language.
I’d like to thank the government and our funding bodies. We need your assistance and we encourage you to keep that support going. What we’re doing is important and we’ve been very successful in reviving languages in areas where they haven’t been spoken in hundred’s of years. We really need this support to continue.

Uncle ‘Sandy’ Atkinson
FATSIL Chairperson