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River of No Return | Frances, River, World, Itrsquos, Stories, Return, Culture, Rsquo | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Frances Daingangan is an actor from north-east Arnhem Land. She speaks 11 languages and is a storyteller. ‘I grew up learning to dance traditional ceremonial way. Every dance tells a story. I like to share my stories with the outside world. I like to sing my stories in songs especially for the kids. I teach my story to the children about the land, the animals, the sacred sites. I have many stories about my people and my culture. It’s all true. It’s all real.’ Her most recent film is River of No Return.
Frances Daingangan

Darlene Johnson is the director of River of No Return. ‘In the black world there are languages and codes and things you know and live by, and that’s the world that Yappa (Frances) comes from. And then having to cross over into another world with another language and culture, it’s a whole new thing that one needs to get a grip of. Hence the river motif; going on a journey, crossing boundaries, change.’

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Frances and Darlene
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