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Ngurr Ju Miyanpa | Language, Country, Culture, Challenges, Committed, Representing, Unique, Clan | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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As I travel around the country speaking to people about languages I am constantly moved by their passion. A comment from somenone recently explained how language was like kai kai (food) for their spirit, that it nourished them and kept them strong. Language really is a part of us and essential for a rich and deep expression of our culture and identity.
In the coming months we will be continuing to listen to people and to act as a meeting point for language workers and speakers from around the country. We know that every clan, group and area in the country faces different and unique challenges to language and culture, and we are committed to representing all of you in a way that reflects your particular concerns. Please keep in touch and tell us about what language means to you.

Paul Herbert
FATSIL National Manager