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FATSILC Updates | Indigenous, Language, National, Organizations, Fatsil, Would, Project, Development | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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  • With the help of a number of language organizations and other stakeholders around the country FATSILC developed a petition calling on the federal government to address the alarming rate of language loss since colonisation. This petition, which was accessible from our website, attracted over 2000 signatures and strong support from a number of indigenous organizations. We have submitted the petition to the Department for Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.
  • We are continuing to speak to interpreter and translator services around the country about how they would like a national register and database to operate. Paul Herbert, FATSILC National Manager, recently met in Darwin with representatives from the NT Interpreting Service, the Kimberley Interpreting Service, the Katherine Regional Language Centre and Tennant Creek Language Centre to explain FATSILC’s vision for the project. All participants agreed to work closer with FATSIL on the project.
  • We have established a Youtube channel for videos about indigenous languages. You can view this growing collection of clips at We welcome your contributions to the channel and invite you to upload your language stories by contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will be linking more written stories to audio and visual online content in future Voice of the Land issues as we seek to express languages in a way that reflects that they are predominantly spoken languages.
  • We have been nominated by Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin, as one of four key indigenous organizations that will contribute to the development and establishment of a new National Indigenous Representative Body. We will be consulting with other language organizations and stakeholders about policy developments, and encourage our members to let us know how they would like us to inform the process.

  • We are employing a new project officer. The successful applicant will be assisting FATSILC to develop our partnerships and networks with other language organizations, other Indigenous organizations, the government and the private sector. They will also be building our capacity to attract support from the private sector and extending our existing partnerships with the National Australia Bank and Indigenous community Volunteers.
  • Our website continues to attract a high number of visitors. The monthly hits have increased tenfold from about 1000 to 10,000 per month, and nearly 3000 online members have signed up since last December. Following the success of the revamped website we are planning further improvements which will include an expanded ‘news’ section, updated indigenous language website links, and more audiovisual content. This issue we are linking the ‘Mutchdan’ story to the website by including an audiocast of Joel Ngallemetta telling his story in Wik Mungkan. Joel is a Wik and Kugu man and his story is about his totems and his dog Mutchdan.
  • Our secondee program with the National Australia Bank (NAB) and Indigenous Community volunteers (ICV) has been going well. Since the program began in January we have had three secondee’s at FATSILC that have worked on a number of projects including; a policy and procedures framework for a national online translator and interpreter register, a more integrated business development strategy, and an accounting system compatible with Gift Recipient Tax Status. Many thanks to Peter Field, Warren Martin and Judy Wong for their generous assistance, and also to the NAB and ICV for their ongoing support.
  • This year our AGM and National Languages Forum is being held in Tasmania. The theme for this event is ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’, which is how we would like indigenous language development and acknowledgement to happen in Australia. Please contact Sone at FATSILC on (03) 9607 4700 for more information about how you can be involved.
Sahardi Garling, FATSIL NT
Sahardi Garling, FATSIL NT
Doris Paton, FATSIL VIC
Matilda House, FATSIL ACT
Translators and Interpreters Meeting in Darwin