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Gunnai Story Books | Aunty, Uncle, Books, Language, Gippsland, Encouraged, Turner, Would | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Thanks to my husband Jeffrey who allowed me hours upon hours working in the study on the computer, and allowing me to drive all over Gippsland taking photos, and when I would come up with ideas in the middle of the day or night and I  would be so excited to tell him, that he listened to my rambling on. He has encouraged me always in my passion for teaching our Indigenous language. Thanks to my children Matthew, Jonathan and to Pauline who gave me Georgia Rose and Phoebe Woolberi Ngarawert, so that I could make a book especially for them and all our Koorie children in Gippsland.

To my cousin Doris who has worked with me in Koorie Education and Language for a long time now and she trusted me to put all of these 6 books together even though I didn’t think I could do it. What a challenge. We shared many laughs when things just didn’t work out. To my uncle Max, who has been a Dad to me, Aunty Rachael, Uncle Albert, Uncle Carl Turner, & to my Mum, Dad, Aunty Beppe and Aunty Linda Turner who are no longer here. They have been my teachers and great supporters. It was a long time ago they encouraged me to teach our language.

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Georgina Rose and Phoebe Woolberi Ngarawert