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Wunman Njinde | Policy, National, Providing, Government, Future, Excited, Language, Country | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Wunman Njinde

We are excited about future challenges and committed to providing professional and relevant representation for our members and other partner organisations around the country. We are looking forward to building better links to government and to providing a solid and stable bridge between language speakers and workers, and policy makers.

We are encouraged by the recent announcement of a National Languages Policy and would like to thank everyone who worked to make this happen. We were, however, disappointed that we were not approached to take a more robust role in the consultation process that informed the policy. Our board represent the range of Indigenous peoples across the country and are well placed to listen carefully to issues on the ground and convey any suggestions and concerns on to government. We look forward to a more constructive role in the future; one that reflects our national membership and the long association we have had with community language centres and regional policy development.

Our National Languages Forum is in Deveport, Tasmania from the 28th to the 29th of Novermber. We are really
excited about this event and hope that you will attend and share your experiences with us. More than ever we want
to inspire and support everyone who is working with us to save our languages.


Doris Paton


‘Yarrawulun’, oil on canvas, 2009. Artwork to celebrate the FATSIL AGM & Languages Forum 2009, ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’