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Wunderkammer | Kaurna, Software, James, Wunderkammer, Itrsquos, Info, Instructions, Dictionariesrsquo | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Jack Buckskin
Jack Buckskin has got a great new tool to help him teach the Kaurna language from South Australia: a complete Kaurna dictionary on his mobile phone. To find the Kaurna equivalent for an English word, or vice versa, he just punches through a few options on the keypad, and there it is, complete with pictures and an option to hear the correct pronunciation. Life’s good! This technology is called ‘Wunderkammer’ and has been developed by James McElvenny and Aidan Wilson
at the University of Sydney through the ‘Project for Free Electronic Dictionaries’. And it’s free. Just go to, read the instructions and download the software. If you have any difficulties you can email James, “the big thing at the moment is getting people to use the software, see what they can do with it, and come up with things they would like us to improve”. Jack’s already been roadtesting Wunderkammer, and says it “makes learning a lot easier, especially when you are unsure of a word in kaurna - you can just check it, it’s the future of learning”.