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Minhe Nyana | Language, Good, Example, Community, Nyana, Minhe, School, Impact | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Minhe Nyana
Minhe Nyana

My message to people is to keep up the great work and for us all to work together. Our languages are some of the most important languages on the planet and we need to keep working to preserve and promote them. And we've got to come up with ways to make our languages relevant to others, especially to our young people. At FATSILC we are very supportive of using technology to build language up and make it interesting for people - it might be using the computer to make a song in language, or taking a story in language and using animation to make it colorful and lively. Once our kids enjoy the language it becomes a very powerful tool for preservation.

Also, i'm always incouraging people in the wider community to take an interest in our languages. Sometimes people don't even realise that the names of towns or rivers or other things are from our language. In the article 'Meeting Place' in this issue is a good example of how the Wiradjuri language is having a positive impact on everyone in the community through the good work at the school. Its a good example of everyone working together.

Thank you to the government and all of you who have supported us in the last year. There is a strong sense of unity and energy on the FATSILC governing committee after a good internal review and restructure. We are looking forward to working hard in the coming year.

Uncle John 'Sandy' Atinkinson
FATSILC Vice Chairperson