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FATSILC News, Barbara McGillivray | Strait, Torres, Islander, Aboriginal, Language, Organisations, Cultural, Heritage | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Deanna Lightfoot, Ina Scales and Diane Ainslie
Deanna Lightfoot, Ina Scales and Diane Ainslie
Ngalyipa pukurlpa nhurrahpa ngalangu. Ngalyipa thungulku pukurlpa yamathiku tawarra.

Welcome to the latest issue of the Voice of the Land magazine.

I would like to pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people past and present, our Languages and dialects, our mother earth, the sea, the universe and the Dreaming, and also pay respect and acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of our rich and diverse cultural heritage and the spiritual connections to country.

The FATSILC team are so excited that we are back on track and are able to bring you inspiring stories about people and the communities from around the country who are working hard to keep languages alive. Their efforts are so important. Our languages are at the core of our very existence and so important in maintaining links to our cultural heritage.

This year is our 20th anniversary and we hope to begin some exciting language projects, form new partnerships and listen more to the voice of the people.

As a peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages advisory body, we aim to be responsive to the priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language communities and be critically aware of the policy and program environment in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural organisations operate.

FATSILC will listen and understand with open ears to language and culture centres and regional language management committees in order to develop appropriate advocacy strategies and activities.

In 2010, FATSILC undertook a national survey of the government’s Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records (MILR) funded programs nationwide. As a result, this survey has given FATSILC a clearer picture and understanding of its profile as seen by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language organisations throughout the nation. We have maintained contact where possible with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language organisations and have contacted the newly funded MILR programs and sent introductory packs to them explaining who we are and what we do.

Remember that the rich heritage of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are the unique backbone of our Australian identity; it brings meaning to our nation to have a culture unbroken from our Dreaming through song, dance and stories.