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Sharing Our Stories | Stories, Woonyoomboo, River, Sharing, Majala, Indigenous, Wila, Series | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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woonyoomboo2Sharing Our Stories is a series of books that introduce middle and upper primary students to Indigenous communities, and presents traditional stories illustrated by community children. Author and photographer Liz Thompson spent time within the Indigenous communities to record and develop their stories and art. The stories are also presented in their original Indigenous languages. This unique series will play an important role in preserving Aboriginal stories and language.

Below is an extract from the 'Woonyoomboo' story, in the Nyikina language. Nyikina people belong to country in the north of Western Australia. Their country covers both sides of the lower reaches of the Fitzroy River. They call the river mardoowarra (sounding like 'ma-rdoo-wa-rra'). They call themselves yimardoowarra (say yi-ma-rdoowa-rra with even emphasis), which means 'belonging to the river'.

Sharing Our Stories
Sharing Our Stories

Nyadoo wamba nilawal Woonyoomboo. Kinya karrbangkaya yimana.

Yimboolanyinja boorroo nilawal Mijirrkan. Kinya kajan wila manjabarri baraloo.

Joobool yirrina nyoonoojarra. Ngoowiy yina yindinjirra jajoorr warrngarra yindinjirra kinjinanjilji

Warrboola ngayoobarri. Wila nganbany manjabarri wali yanarra nyardoo majala baloo barrkoorayi kooroorr waniji wila barooli.

Woonyoomboo was away hunting by himself when he came across a billabong, Mijirrikan (Mi-jirri-gan), with shiny, flashing fish everywhere.

He walked the long way back to his family and called for them to go fishing with him.

They collected majala (ma-ja-la) to help them catch the fish and set off.

Sharing Our Stories
Project Participants Hosana Butt and Kylie Butt

The Sharing Our Stories series can be purchased from Pearson Australia by logging onto the Pearson Places ( online store or by calling Customer Care on 1800 656 685.