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Since becoming the chairperson for FATSILC, we have been working closely with Rob and staff at Zeumic, who are our website designers, to develop the FATSILC website to be more effective for members and the community. We are exploring different ways we can share what we do with everyone.

FATSILC Chairperson Barbara McGillivray
The idea is to find a more economical way of sharing ideas, information and resources with our members and community, and encourage people to use the web as a forum to give us direction about how they want us to work for them. FATSILC and Zeumic created then launched the new Language Organisation Directory User List on the 14 February 2011. Now users can register at and, pending approval, start using the new functions. In the last few months, we have had 68 new users registered.Since we have made these changes people are able to perform searches for language or information by entering in an organisation name, city, town, contact name and position or any major affiliates such as ACRA, AIATSIS and Close the Gap.

This new technology is so exciting, innovative and motivating for us. It really allows us to share more with peole find and add information immediately. Our staff members have been working closely with a range of partners on a number of projects. With NSWarts law we are reproducing a simplified version of the cultural protocols guide and agreements that we had produced previously.

Aboriginal Flag, Aboriginal Drawings

It is intended for people to use the draft agreements and contracts templates that are there. It now has a clearer layout and language, making it easier to use. It will be available on our website soon. We are also working on a database that will list the Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records programs in Australia as well as information on language funding from other agencies. So you can print and have a little book in your office that enables you to get in touch with other people working in Indigenous languages. Again, it’s about opening up communicationbetween people. We’ll be posting it on our website soon.

Torres Strait Islander Flag

Aboriginal Face

We are making a big effort to get out there and go to as many conferences, meetings, gatherings and forums that we can. Some of our delegates were at the recent Puliima conference (which from all reports was a raging success), our FATSILC staff and directors made a presentation at the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative group conference, and attended the WA State language conference in Geraldton and we are also continuing to repair relationships with people in the West, which is fantastic. We want our delegates in all States and Territories to become more active and involved.

FATSILC Qld Delegates, Lois Blackman and Bridget Priman

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