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Indigenous Publishing House goes online | Press, Billy, Benn, Digital, Publishing, Better, Indigenous, House | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Australia's foremost Indigenous publishing house, IAD Press, is celebrating a new era with the launch of its new website and digital shopfront on Friday, 3 June.

According to IAD Press Business Manager Jeanette Wor mald, the new website gives the Alice Springs publishing house the capacity to venture into the world of  e-publishing and ensure that more than 50,000 years of stories a re-taken to the widest audience possible.

"At IAD Press our mission  statement is to produce quality books of cultural integrity celebrating more  than 50,000 years of stories from the heart of Australia," Ms Wormald said."We are Australia's oldest and foremost Indigenous publishing house and publish books that reflect the many and varied voices of Indigenous Australia.

Billy Benn, artist and author with IAD Press

Our authors want their stories told and they want their language, their art and their culture shared with as many people as possible. Sharing this knowledge builds respect, recognition, understanding and ultimately reconciliation."

The new digital publishing strategy was made possible by funding from Arts NT and through the Australia. Council's Geek in Residence program. IAD Press' Geek, Ben Foley, worked closely with the IAD Press team to create a new website and digital shopfront, develop better e-marketing strategies, begin working with social media and provide a better customer experience. The purpose of the Geek in Residence program is to enable digital artists and technicians to share their skills and experiences with arts organisations.

Book by Billy Benn

Geeks are able to share their passion for solving problems in creative situations and arts workers are then better equipped to work in digital spaces. Billy Benn, artist and author with IAD Press Artist Billy Benn Perrurle is one of IAD's authors who will benefit from better exposure on the web. Working in a corner of the Mwerre Anthurre Artists Studio of Bindi Inc. in Alice Springs, in exile from his homelands, Billy Benn has animated vividly remembered landscapes with rare verve and strong cultural resonances. His paintings pulsate with colour, texture, sentiment and spirit. Breathtaking and intimate, Billy Benn's remarkable paintings and his deep desert sensibilities are beautifully expressed in his book 'Billy Benn' published by IAD Press.