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Yuwa Palanya | Cultural, Heritage, Shared, Country, Level, Endangered, Would, Strategies | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Ngalyipa pukurlpa nhurrahpa ngalangu. Ngalyipa thungulku pukurlpa yamathiku tawarra.

Welcome to the latest issue of the Voice of the Land magazine. I would like to pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people past and present, our Languages and dialects, our mother earth, the sea, the universe and the dreaming, and also pay respect and acknowledge the traditional caretakers and custodians of our rich and diverse cultural heritage, and the spiritual connections to country.

The FATSILC team are so excited that we are able to share with you more inspiring stories about people and communities who are working hard to keep languages alive from around the country. Languages are the core of our very existence and through them we maintain links to our cultural heritage

Painted Flower
We have achieved some outstanding outcomes since the last magazine. We are still working collaboratively with our members, communities and funding partners. We are continuing to build on improving our communication strategies to enable us to have comprehensive understanding and knowledge of SHARED GOALS, SHARED VISIONS and SHARED FUTURE.

We at FATSILC are truly focused on finding simple strategies to continue to assist language development across Australia and on a global scale. We also want to consider ways in which we might strengthen cooperation and collaboration between Language programs that have a shared understanding of cultural diversity.

We would like to see FATSILC have more interaction with people, not just community people, but with all people, including those from educational institutions, academic organisations, government and professions. We want to show the bigger picture of how critically endangered our languages really are. We want the special significance of Our languages being spoken to be recognised. We also want to express how imperative it is that our languages are taught as the first languages of this nation. This will keep our languages and cultural heritage breathing. We want acknowledgment in the Australian constitution about how important the maintenance of our languages are and how connected they are to our country - our languages need to be recognised as the first languages of this country.

FATSILC also needs to be sitting at the tables where decisions are made. It is imperative our delegates sit on education and business boards where we can make a difference at a national level. Our goal is also to have a presence at an international level including the Federation for Endangered Languages so that we are able to foster a global understanding of our unique and rich cultural heritage. WE are committed, WE are passionate and WE want to make and see POSITIVE CHANGE MOVING FORWARD


Barbara McGillivray
FATSILC Chairperson