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FATSILC Organisation Restructure and Vision for 2012 | Would, Directors, Board, Organisational, Communities, Goals, Fatsilc’s, Identified | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages an
FATSILC Organisation Restructure and Vision for 2012 PDF Print E-mail

The FASTILC Corporation Working Group has identified a number of areas of the organisations governance and operations that may be improved. FASTILC is committed to building a transparent and efficient organisation that is able to focus on its key priorities of promoting the importance of language to Government and service providers, and advocating on behalf of our members and language speakers.

Some of the aspects of this organisational restructure include:

  • an effective Board would have no more than nine (9) directors. FATSILC would allow for nine (9) directors in order to maintain fair representation of State, Territory and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • The Board of directors would have a purely Governance function: to oversee organisational functions such as Finance-Expenditure and Funding, Staffing, Tracking of organisational Goals and Service Delivery, Forward Planning and organisational Effectiveness in meeting these goals.
  • The Board of directors would have access to two (2) Advisory Group Round Tables – formed as FATSILC’s Communities and Youth Advisory Round Table, which would address specific project and goal tasks as needed, and act as a resource pool of localised knowledge - ie “grass roots” input.
  • FATSILC’s Communities and Youth Advisory Round Tables would not need to meet as often and would provide for a broader skills base for advice and localised information resource from the wider community.
  • The nine (9) member Board would also allow for greater flexibility to target information, expertise and resources depending on FATSILC’s identified goals at that time.
  • National Manager: It has been identified that the National Manager role has historically not functioned successfully.
  • Volunteers: In the interim while we seek to generate income from other sources independent of government the working party will continue, assisted by volunteers.
Diagram of Proposed Organisation Structure